However, ceiling effects make it impossible to distinguish performance on palatoalveolar và dental stops – both were identified with almost 100 % accuracy.

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With respect to the variation across sounds, the alveolar fricative (/s-z/) was voiced on practically all occasions (99%), followed closely by the palatoalveolar (/1-^/). These examples are from corpora và from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the editors or of University Press or its licensors. Subjects differed mainly in the degree of voicing they exhibited with the labiodental fricative và the palatoalveolar affricate. 10. A simple solution in the latter case is that the unrounded palatoalveolar fricative is an allophone of s before palatal và palatoalveolar phonemes. Toda also has a four-way sibilant distinction, with one alveolar, one palatoalveolar, và two retroflex (apical postalveolar và subapical palatal). Often, to speakers of languages or dialects that do not have the sound, it is said to have a whistling quality, và to sound similar to palatoalveolar. Not only are all four tongue shapes represented (with the palatoalveolar appearing in the laminal closed variation), but both the palato-alveolars và alveolo-palatals can additionally appear labialized.

In certain languages nasals or laterals may be said to be palatoalveolar, but it is unclear if such sounds can be consistently distinguished from alveolo-palatals và palatalized alveolars.





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