decay decay (dĭ-kāʹ) verbdecayed, decaying, decaysverb, intransitive1. Biology. To break down into component parts; rot. 2. Physics. To disintegrate or diminish by radioactive decay. 3. Electronics. To decrease gradually in magnitude. Used of voltage or current. 4. Aerospace. To decrease in orbit. Used of an artificial satellite. 5. To fall into ruin: a civilization that had begun khổng lồ decay. 6. Pathology. Khổng lồ decline in health or vigor; waste away. 7. To decline from a state of normality, excellence, or prosperity; deteriorate. Verb, transitiveTo cause to decay. Noun1. a. The destruction or decomposition of organic matter as a result of bacterial or fungal action; rot. B. Rotted matter.2. Physics. Radioactive decay. 3. Aerospace. The decrease in orbital altitude of an artificial satellite as a result of conditions such as atmospheric drag. 4. A gradual deterioration lớn an inferior state: tooth decay; urban decay. 5. A falling into ruin. decayʹer nounSynonyms: decay, rot, putrefy, spoil, crumble, molder, disintegrate, decompose. These verbs all refer lớn gradual change resulting in destruction or dissolution. Decay denotes a falling away from soundness; it may imply a stage in deterioration short of complete destruction: Dentists advise their patients lớn brush và floss regularly khổng lồ prevent their teeth from decaying. Rot is sometimes synonymous with decay (wood that had rotted), but it often, like putrefy, stresses a stage of deterioration marked by offensiveness lớn the sense of smell: Animal flesh that rots is attractive to lớn vultures. The intact carcass of the prehistoric animal was prevented from putrefying by the arctic cold. Spoil usually refers to lớn the process by which perishable substances, especially food, become unfit for use or consumption: I put the veal scallops into the refrigerator before they could spoil. Crumble implies the physical breakdown of a substance into small fragments or particles: We saw the remains of an ancient church that had crumbled khổng lồ ruins. Lớn molder is to crumble lớn dust: Her grandmother"s shawl had moldered away in the trunk. Disintegrate refers khổng lồ complete breakdown into component parts và implies the destruction of usefulness or integrity: The sandstone façade had disintegrated from long exposure to the elements. Decompose, largely restricted khổng lồ the breakdown of substances into their chemical components, also connotes rotting and putrefying, both literally và figuratively: "trivial personalities decomposing in the eternity of print" (Virginia Woolf).

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decaydecay(n) deterioration, decline, degeneration, falling-off, falloff, dwindling, waningantonym: growthrotting, rot, mold, corrosion, putrefaction, decomposition decay(v) decompose, rot, grow moldy, molder, fester, crumble, putrefy, corrode, waste away, perish decline, degenerate, deteriorate, fall off, dwindle, waneantonym: flourish