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In the epidemiological literature, however, insomnia tends lớn be defined using a variety of approaches, ranging from rigorous diagnostic algorithms, to lớn single questionnaire items.
A more rigorous analysis of the epidemiological impact of vaccination for meningococcal disease is essential for proper health economic estimates.
The different epidemiological methods may be ranked in the oftenused hierarchy of evidence & research design.
The research targets for sound health economic evaluation are limited by a lack of epidemiological evidence và treatment options.
An epidemiological investigation was conducted to determine the source of infection and mode of transmission using a structured questionnaire.
The underlying contact patterns which give rise khổng lồ the different rates of infection by age cannot be directly inferred from epidemiological data.
Cases for which an epidemiological links was established to lớn a case outside the original household were excluded.
Despite the lack of a standardized approach, direct molecular detection and identification of enteroviruses is an efficient epidemiological tool.
In general the kind of variables which we have studied have been found related lớn psychiatric disorders in epidemiological prevalence studies.
Cut-offs have been validated in clinical và epidemiological studies ; a score above 0n9 indicates the probable presence of hyperactive behaviour.
This paper describes the outbreak"s epidemiological investigation, referring to lớn other investigations, & control measures, where appropriate.
The demo is suitable for specific diagnosis, epidemiological studies, monitoring the drug treatment và even an eradication programme for all host ranges of the parasite.
This stable symptomatology included the stable absence of disorder shown by most subjects in our study, which is of lesser epidemiological or clinical relevance.
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